Steve Peacock's U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor,2003:weblog-94161205314098957 2013-10-11T18:39:12-04:00 Original reporting on little-known U.S. government funded foreign aid projects, so-called "drug war" initiatives, and overseas business subsidies. TypePad Obama Blurs Line Between Military, Foreign Aid,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2019afff32a1c970b 2013-10-11T18:39:12-04:00 2013-10-11T18:39:12-04:00 The lines between U.S. military and humanitarian actions have become increasingly blurred under the Obama administration, which globally will deploy advisers to further merge what historically were separate defense and foreign-aid functions. The reformation began under President George W. Bush but is reaching new heights under Obama. Steve Peacock U.S. Seeks New Means of Predicting Internet Growth Overseas, from Albania to Zimbabwe,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2015390378688970b 2011-07-27T17:23:19-04:00 2011-07-27T17:34:13-04:00 The U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) is looking for a contractor capable of developing a new analytical model to predict Internet usage and growth -- in thirty-two foreign nations, from "A" (Albania) to "Z" (Zimbabwe). Steve Peacock Washington Takes Action on High Gas Prices,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2014e8824079c970d 2008-05-28T00:00:00-04:00 2013-06-18T09:59:07-04:00 Rising fuel prices and truck-based shipping expenses are spelling trouble for U.S. policymakers, who now are exploring ways to strengthen, as an alternative, new highways, commercial railways and ports. Specifically, the federal government is taking action through an endeavor known as the "Sub-Saharan Africa Trade Corridor Transportation Initiative." Steve Peacock