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Before we go cleaning up Vietnam why not get the Vietnam Veterans the help they need starting with treating PTSD. There are many of us who have tried to get help with cancers and other ailments caused by Agent Orange only to be denied because we were in remission. PTSD affects millions of Vietnam Vets and they are just now starting to get treatment for this sometimes debilitating illness.

I can only imagine your frustration and angst, dear sir. I am sorry if this article has helped fuel those feelings, but I though that veterans such as yourself nonetheless might want to know about the Da Nang project.

I am a Marine Corps Veteran, a combat Veteran and served in and around Da Nang during the war. I have my PTSD issues and am waiting for the other shoe(s) to drop for being exposed to Agent Orange here in Vietnam, and various toxic/deadly chemicals that have been found at El Toro and Le Jeune. Yes,I did say "here". I have chosen to make my home in Da Nang and do what I can to rectify what the US Government has failed to even admit to here. As a veteran,I receive benefits. The Vietnamese victims receive a pittance, if at all from their own government. The US has committed dollars to the cause here but so far, I here stories of only $9mil during the past 10 years which has been allocated-cant confirm its been spent. I welcome this news,Steve. Thanks for sending it on.

The US has an obligation to veterans AND the Vietnamese people. This country has done a fine job of ignoring all victims of its wars in Southeast Asia.

While this 'action' will be welcomed, could I ask what is meant by 'cleanup'? What would happen to the contaminated soil?

$10 million over 4 years breaks down as $2.5 million per year, and what of the people of the area who have died over the years and those still suffering from the effects of AO?

In short, too little too late.

I heard from a reliable sources, over fifteen years ago. A Catholic priest in HaNoi, who shared with me of, they were helping over third children, who born deformed from orange agent. And over a year ago, a man who came from city of Bien Hoa, the same city and village I left on April 28, 1975 for USA. He said, for the last several years, his organization helps three brothers in Long Khanh, who effected by Orange agent. These three men in one family only have bones and skin, laying on beds, waiting to die.

American taxpayers dollars paid for generated the orange agent, and US military speared them on Vietnamese soil, result deadly harm Vietnamese!

These American taxpayers are fully responsible for these deadly result. AT least, American taxpayers must do is, demand U.S. Congress of both chambers, and the US Presidents for to repair these damages! The delay of repair deadly damaging only come against at American public in different forms! I am not kidding about these.

While I appreciate and respect all of the comments above, I think Mr. Fleming's sums up the situation best and is worth repeating: "The US has an obligation to veterans AND the Vietnamese people. This country has done a fine job of ignoring all victims of its wars in Southeast Asia."

While U.S. Trade & Aid Report often casts a critical eye on U.S. expenditures overseas, this is one situation where the U.S. government has an obligation to take action -- again, on behalf of soldiers it exposed to Agent Orange as well as to the Vietnamese people.

It is allright that the US helps the vietnamese, but at the same time the government has to clean up places in Puerto Rico that they also contaminated. Example: San Sebastian,PR where they sprayed in Calabazas and the Guajataka Reserve(where our Boy Scouts spend some time "in contact with Nature and Agent Orange, of course) including the Lake Guajataka where I use to go fishing. Iam also a Vietnam Veteran who received "my dose of AO".And what about the island municipalists of Vieques and Culebra where the US Navy bombarded for 60 years???

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