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William Hinkley

The only way that this could be better is if Michelle Obama took "60 of her closest friends" (who has 60 close friends?) to Indonesia for a vacation like she did in Spain while U.S. citizens were still losing their homes (along with their children and living in their vehicles at 4.60 a gallon).

Steve Peacock

Mr. Smith:

I sincerely respect your opinion on the matter, as I am equally frustrated -- despite such common reactions from readers about these articles, the federal government continues with its "business as usual" approach. When congressional committees hold hearing on funding such aid agencies, there almost never is a discussion about whether we as a nation should be engaging in this wide variety of foreign aid and military programs; rather, it's "Should we give the agency what the White House proposes?" or, at the rarest best, they debate whether to chop their budgets by a few million here and there. As a former State Dept. employee once told me, after being reprimanded for questioning excessive expenditures his boss responded, "It's not REAL money; it's TAXPAYER money."

Bob Smith

We should become Nationalists and not give ANY money to ANY country. Don't give me the excuse it's because of public relations either. Most countries don't give a rats a-- about us. Let them take care of themselves and that includes going to war to "help" other countries. Countries are laughing at us for spending many billions on foreign wars we have no reason to be involved in. We have already spent almost a trillion dollars in the mideast on war, and the soldiers of those countries by now should be able to take over from here. Cheney being an ex CEO of Halliburton made sure Halliburton got the UNBIDDED contract in Iraq for 7 billion dollars. Do you people think we are that stupid not to know that? Of course the people that make money off of wars are always drooling at the mouth when a war starts. Things are going to change for the better in this country. Just watch. And make sure the elitists are watching their backs. They'll be the first ones to go. Trust me on that!


Margaret, Your story is utterly not true.
The people who live there call it Deutschland, not Germania, this is not possible to name their country after this person.

Steve Peacock

As both an English teacher and publisher of this blog, I would definitely be interested in reading your satirical take on the issue. Take it and run!

Sebastian Burnham

Haha! I've found my topic for my English class' satirical essay!


Ha! What a bunch of twisted thoughts. USAid.gov has been around for 50 years and funds programs worldwide. Are you just as annoyed about Israel receiving $3.2 billion a year for being our "friend"?

Wilma Smith

I believe it would be very wise of our so called president of our UNITED STATES to help the people living here,we can't seem to help our own people but you sure like to go outside of the USA to help other people and the money you are sending to other countries ! Good Lord what is happening to our USA.It isen't evem real MONEY you are sending it's just fake printed money which has put the USA so deep in debt we will probably never get it pd. back! I pray GOD will bless AMERICA. we need a President that cares for America and cares for the Citizens that are here legially.

Steve Peacock

Although I reported on this primarily because more U.S. citizens simply need to know about these expenditures, I happen to be one such American with $70,000 in student-loan grad-school debt -- and I still have several credits to go for my M.A., which would require an additional $10,000 investment to complete. I cannot find steady work as a teacher, cannot yet afford to pay my student loans, and yet my tax dollars will help the Indonesian people get THEIR master's degrees? This is insanity.

Margaret Bartley

All empires have traditionally brought in the upper class kids from the colonies to train in the empire's way, and to back to be the future sock puppets for the empire in their own country.

Sounds like we are carrying on the tradition that goes back to at least the Roman times, when the upper class kids from the conquered European tribes were brought to Rome to learn to be the Roman arm in their native country. Germanicus was one of the exceptions - when he returned home, he deliberately lead the Roman army into a trap, and saved his people from Roman conquest, which is why Germany was named after him, many centuries later.


This is just wonderful. American tax dollars paying for foreign students Master degree education while American born students can go for years with no private student loan relief after obtaining their Master degree.

Talk about prejudice and class division. November elections cannot come too soon.

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