Steve Peacock's U.S. Trade & Aid Monitor,2003:weblog-94161205314098957 2012-08-17T14:15:47-04:00 Original reporting on little-known U.S. government funded foreign aid projects, so-called "drug war" initiatives, and overseas business subsidies. TypePad Monitor Founder Steve Peacock to Address Ocean County (NJ) Citizens for Freedom Group,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2016769558f7c970b 2012-08-17T14:15:47-04:00 2012-08-24T19:05:04-04:00 This coming Thursday (Aug. 23) I will appear as one of the guest speakers at the monthly open meeting of Ocean County Citizens for Freedom, a grassroots Tea Party group here on the New Jersey Shore. Steve Peacock Rejection Day,2003:post-6a00d834515b9569e2014e882403d7970d 2006-11-08T00:00:00-05:00 2006-11-08T00:00:00-05:00 A little more balance has been restored to our federal political system, now that the Democrats have taken back both the Senate and the House of Representatives -- but one question remains: will the Democrats learn the lesson's of Nov. 7, 2006, in which Election Day became REJECTION DAY for... Steve Peacock